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exterior finishes


store fronts

old scott's drugstore building: masonry & transom restoration, paint, new sign board


the hickory stick: masonry restoration & paint

mississippi dry goods: paint


golden ruler: masonry, window & millwork preservation, signage & paint


robards building (fresh ayers): lightweight fiberglass cornice installed, 

storefront reconstruction


old f&m bank building: window restoration & paint


JAM FACTORY: storefront reconstruction 


residential exteriors

quealy-hamlin residence: whole house reconstruction 


merrick residence: shingle replacement, chimney reconstruction, painting, tuckpointing


 non-abrasive paint stripping, repointing


sosnkowski residence: (above) millwork restoration & paint

(below) custom garage door, paint



holt residence: long term preservation plan, millwork restoration, cedar shingle roof, paint


hendren-boland farm: (above & below) porch restoration, cornice reconstruction, shutter & sash preservation/reconstruction, paint



masterson house (c. 1828): reconstruction of chimneys, restoration of cedar shingle roof


 hayashi residence: reconstruction of tile porch, roof, structural framing

leimbach residence: reconstruction of porch stairs


cornice reconstruction


fairbairn residence

meckes residence



salerno residence

 merrick residence: entire exterior restoration 

 taylor residence: porch reconstruction, stain, stripping, repointing

 klinger exterior: roof, masonry, stone parapet reconstruction


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